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Now holding two masters degrees, he also has extensive experience treating a variety of mental illnesses and working with diverse populations and cultural backgrounds. He has much experience in working within families and couples to aid in the therapeutic process. To create a secure and supportive environment, he uses diverse approaches like CBT, solution-focused, narrative, and EMDR.

  1. The formal approach of solution-focused therapy involves several basic principles that describe the goals and values reflected in this type of treatment.
  2. Clients will also participate in services like individual counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention training, primary healthcare services, medical exams, and case management services.
  3. Our goal is to help clients acknowledge and understand the origins of their addiction in order to heal from them.
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  5. Solution Based Treatment and Detox is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Upon beginning SFBT sessions, the patient and counselor will discuss the patient’s expectations and goals for treatment. Within an addiction program, this may include broader goals of staying sober and continuing treatment. This can include anything from finding a job after treatment to figuring out effective ways to deal with certain triggers. Our detox program operates under continuous, vigilant supervision, ensuring safety and comfort 24/7. Every aspect of our on-site detox is monitored by specialized medical professionals, providing immediate care and tailored support throughout the crucial first steps of your recovery journey.

Hills Treatment Center

Though each program is personalized, each one is built on a foundation called the Cast Alignment Model, which utilizes a combination of different modalities. The goal of this model is to prompt clients to lead a more meaningful life, free clients from underlying traumas, and help each individual develop supportive relationships that are healthy. The Cast Alignment Model works through eight different modules, all of which explore a variety of recovery topics through different treatment methods.

What Is Detox?

The formal approach of solution-focused therapy involves several basic principles that describe the goals and values reflected in this type of treatment. Many people overcoming addiction have struggled with feeling powerless about their situation. Solution-focused therapy aims to help people feel more in-control by pointing out how they can use their personal strengths to reach their intended goals. Solution-focused therapy focuses on developing solutions to meet a patient’s goals, as opposed to problem-solving. Within this framework, patients are encouraged to pinpoint strategies that are currently helpful for them, as well as what they can do in the future to achieve their goals. Post-treatment, we provide Family Therapy, custom Relapse Prevention Plans, and an Alumni Program.

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Editorial Note We’ve given this facility an A+ due to the consistently high review ratings of the other facilities in the Zinnia Health network. Ideally, you want to find a program you can afford that has licensed, trained staff and a high success rate. Some clients benefit from transitioning to an FDA-approved opioid with fewer side-effects.

How Does Solution-Focused Therapy Work?

We really enjoy trying new stuff, so it is often that we are out and about seeking adventure. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in outdoor activities alongside his family, accompanied by their beloved golden retriever. Working to help individuals who suffer with mental illness, trauma, or other dynamics and knowing that I made a profound difference in their live and seeing them grow into their potential, is the most rewarding aspect of being an AMFT. Editorial Note Though His Sheltering Arms is not accredited by either of our trusted organizations, we chose to include them in this list because of their high review score on Google.

In order to treat each of their clients as a whole, programs through this facility combine 12-step philosophies with cognitive therapies, developmental therapies, and spiritual guidance. Because each plan is totally customized to the needs of the clients, each individual will work with their assigned team to develop their own plan. The foundation of these programs rests on evidence-based therapies such as motivation enhancement, CBT, or positive peer culture. Other available treatments may include drugs brains and behavior the science of addiction physical fitness, meditation, volunteer services, individual counseling, process groups, tai chi, art therapy, addiction education, wellness activities, and vocational planning. Group therapies remain a large part of the recovery process, so clients will work with their peers to discuss topics like healthy communication, perspective, relationships, and more. In order to pay for treatment, Chabad accepts several different forms of health insurance and private pay based on a sliding fee scale.

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